Playing with paint

I love paint! All sorts! I love the pops of color, and the textures you can create with these magical tubes and pots of goodness.

Unfortunately I’ve never had the opportunity to take a painting class so my skills are limited. But that doesn’t seem to stop me from trying.

Over the weekend I hit up Pinterest for inspiration and got to work. The task was simple.

  1. Paint a canvas in an interesting pattern with colours I liked
  2. After drying, cover the canvas with masking tape with the intention of painting over the whole canvas
  3. Paint the whole canvas a solid color, then remove the tape to reveal!

And ta-da! Here they are.

DIY Canvas

While they won’t be hanging in the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) any time soon, I’m still pleased.

A note for next time … I recommend really good masking tape. Frog Tape seems like one of the best, so I will likely try that.

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