strange treasured object: #1 the Grecian brick

Does anyone have an unusual or uncharacteristic treasure object?

I have a few, including this brick from a highschool trip from Greece. I found it on a beach and have toted it from house to house for the last 8 years. A lovely little token from my first trans-Atlantic travels.

My beloved brick.

My beloved brick.

2 thoughts on “strange treasured object: #1 the Grecian brick

  1. Cool brick! It reminds me a little of a honey comb. Ummm… I’ve got this old typewriter that could work as an uncharacteristic treasure! **So hipster I can barely breathe!***OMGOMGOMG….
    I know it’s not really original but I like the way they look and feel. Also a lot of your stamping looks just like a lot of typewriter font, so maybe you would be into typewriters too!


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