tickled by tingo – loving words

I’m no linguist. but I do love words.

I love how they can feel rolling around in your mouth. how phrases can tickle you.

I can’t quite remember what the word is to describe this pleasure, strangely enough. but that’s besides the point.

because of how they please me, I am the proud owner of The Meaning of Tingo (by Adam de Boinod). this perfectly pint sized book is chalked full of foreign words that English hasn’t adopted yet but probably should.

Here are a pair of my faves:

  • wabi (Japanese) | a flawed detail that enhances the elegance of a whole work of art
  • katzenjammer (German) | a very severe hangover (literally, the noise made by extremely miserable cats)

Want more right now? check out this article from mentalfloss. I hope you find it fantastic!

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