eating healthier | snacks to try

with winter gone and more fresh produce finally starting to hit the shops, I’ve decided it’s time to clean up my eating habits and make healthier choices.

the first “meal” I’m looking at overhauling are snacks. too often I end up grabbing something that’s quick calories, but doesn’t have great nutritional value. to improve my snacking habits, here are the five recipes I am working to incorporate into my life to become healthier and happier.


  1.  fresh fruit salad | this gal cooks
  2. barbecue flavoured roasted chickpeas | a life of geekery
  3. frozen yogurt covered blueberries | family fresh meals
  4. chocolate-coconut protein powder popsicles | jason boehm nutrition via men’s fitness
  5. zesty baked kale chips | a spicy perspective

what about you? do you have any healthy snacks you love? I’d love to hear your ideas and favourites, so please drop me a line.



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