cocktails | using fresh mint

I love to have fresh herbs on hand for cocktails and this year I finally planted a pair of my own! this way whenever the mood strikes for mixed drinks I’ll be ready.

Herb #1: Peppermint

fresh peppermint on monstermonsterblog

Perfect for mojitos, I also see this mint being used for garnishes or even in ice cubes. Check out some possibilities I’ve rounded up:

fresh mint on monstermonsterblog

  1.  blueberry mojito | the novice chef
  2. strawberry mojitos | confessions of a bright eyed baker
  3. matcha mint juleps | the bojon gourmet
  4. chill out mijitos | health dish
  5. grapefruit ginger spritzer | pickles & honey
  6. mint infused ice cubes | 17 apart

Do you have a favourite use for fresh mint? Cocktails or not, drop me a line because I’d love to hear about it!

– KM






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