Toronto Light Festival By-Laws and Ordinances #2


No postings. No posters.
No signs.
(Including this one)
No shouting. No cussing.
No nepotism. No jerks.
No sugar. No calories. No gluten.
No grudges. No lying.
(Except about your age or the reason you didn’t text back this morning)
No stink eye. No art critics.
No pretentious gazing.
No over analyzing the sculptures.
No dump pick up lines. No ghosts.
No trick-or-treating.
No foam or bubble parties.
No drugs. No puking.
No strutting. No loud music.
(Unless it is ours)
No saying “no” unless it is necessary.
No cannibalism. No headhunting.
No fox hunting. Actually no hunting anything at all.

— KM


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