Paris plant life

Again from Oct 2016. I can be anywhere in the world, I will still fawn over gardens.


— KM


So this isn’t a photography post. It’s a me post. Because why not? It’s pretty much Canadian Mental Health Day after-all.

I got dumped. 6 years and now it’s over. I couldn’t breath or think or accept it was happening. I begged and pleaded but nothing. Just nothing. So I called my parents to tell them the news. And this is why I writing — they were perfect.

My mom swore, said she was sorry and immediately asked if I wanted to come home. I did. When I got there, we talked and I cried and they consoled me and fed me and distracted me with all sorts of updates about family and friends and their world.

To add to the amazing response of my parents, my darling sister, who worked 7-7 that day, came over for the night and we all hung out and watched movies and just existed like the family we are.

It’s been 20 days now. I talk to my family more than I have in ages, sharing all sorts of babbling thoughts. I’m cheery, almost energetic. Because I have them. Because they’re there for me everyday. Everyone I’ve talked to, the few people I’ve told or have been told, has been exceptional.

What I’m trying to say is — find your support. Find those people in your life that will be there for you. You will hit bumps in the road but their support can carry you forward.

— KM

Algonquin Provincial Park


From a 2016 trip to Algonquin Provincial Park. Fantastic trip, great people, superb mushrooms.

— KM

Chichicastenango Market, Guatemala

Chichicastenango 2 Feb 2017

Chichicastenango 3 Feb 2017.


Chichicastenango Market, Guatemala Feb 2017. I had the honour of traveling with my great uncle and sister for 15 days. Our time at this market was all too short.

— KM



All photography by me.


All photography presented in this gallery is my own work. You are welcome to share a photo from this gallery or other posts, however, please give credit and link back to monstermonster. Thank you!


Campeche, Mexico





Campeche, Mexico, Feb 2017. I had the honour of traveling with my great uncle and sister for 15 days. Campeche is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of many we had the pleasure to see.

— KM

carnival lights @ the CNE | city snapshots

in our annual tradition of going to the CNE, I spent a little time practicing with longer exposure times of all the pretty lights.

swirls at CNEat CNEzipper at CNE

— KM

our ikea home | favourites from the flat packed giant

not all IKEA is awful. in fact, some of it is quite lovely.

I am a mega fan of the flat packed giant and have collected quite a few pieces from them over the years. we have bookcases, shelves and even our mattress are all thanks to IKEA. here are three of my current favs and how we’re using them at home:


ribba picture ledge

we have 7 of these little guys throughout our living space, 2 by the entry way for our keys and pocket bricka-brack. and 5 more flipped upside-down for display. they are ideal for holding small plants, votives and, of course, picture frames.


at a whopping 200 cm wide (each) our 2 Vittsjo book cases take up the whole wall in our dining area. these mammoth shelves are packed full of our books, art supplies and decoratives. their open metal and glass design helps them from feeling too imposing though, and lets the wall colour behind peak through.


ryssby bench

storage + bench? i was sold! possibly one of my most impulsive IKEA furniture purchases, I found out this pine bench was on sale while shopping around and ran to get a cart to put it in. (heaven forbid someone buy the dozen that were in stock while I finished looking around). we use it to store cozy blankets for the winter, and as extra seating for dinner guests.

Interested in learning more about our IKEA adventures? Let me know!

– KM

so I moved and then I moved again

from guelph, to guelph and now toronto! it’s been a busy 6 months but after 2 moves we are finally settled in our new home.

– KM

air roots | at home snapshot

I am in love with the worn out texture of these roots! the Phal orchids I have are so funny with their old-man roots and glossy fresh leaves.

air roots | monstermonster

– KM

braided texture | at home snapshot

About 4 months ago I moved, and one of the first projects was a new light fixture with a braided cord.

braided cords | monstermonster– KM


candles by you | diy home roundup

Candles! No matter the season, I love them. In the winter they’re perfect to take off the chill and add warm light. In the summer they make our long summer days last just that little bit longer when they light up patios and balconies.

Rooting through my link collection I’ve rounded up my favourite diy candle projects. There is something for everyone here! From natural beeswax, to pretty painted pots and industrial copper, I see a lot more homemade candles in my life.

diy candles on monstermonster

  1. homemade beeswax candles | a beautiful mess
  2. diy faux speckled candles | almost makes perfect
  3. diy copper candle | the merry thought
  4. scented soy candles | paper & stitch
  5. diy pink mason jar candles | hello natural

– KM

littlest squish squash | at home snapshot

Squish squash! Or is it a pear? Either way it’s cute and made for me by my lovely sister!

chrochet monstermonsterblog squash monstermonsterblog crocheted squash monstermonsterblog

– KM

puppy cuteness | at home snapshot

November is here and snow is in the air!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been busy helping pet-sit (more like pet-snuggle!) the very cute Sasha. Still very much a puppy, she has been excellent practice for photographing a moving target.

puppy cuteness monsteronster blog sasha on monstermonsterblog


– KM