candles by you | diy home roundup

Candles! No matter the season, I love them. In the winter they’re perfect to take off the chill and add warm light. In the summer they make our long summer days last just that little bit longer when they light up patios and balconies.

Rooting through my link collection I’ve rounded up my favourite diy candle projects. There is something for everyone here! From natural beeswax, to pretty painted pots and industrial copper, I see a lot more homemade candles in my life.

diy candles on monstermonster

  1. homemade beeswax candles | a beautiful mess
  2. diy faux speckled candles | almost makes perfect
  3. diy copper candle | the merry thought
  4. scented soy candles | paper & stitch
  5. diy pink mason jar candles | hello natural

– KM

coasters by you | diy home roundup

Feeling a little restless, I starting thinking about moving apartments to shake things up. Then maybe just upgrading my furniture, and then after realizing I haven’t the funds for either of those things, I looked into switching up some of my accessories when I came to the (tiny) realization that I’m missing a key accessory, coasters!

How could I have missed this accessory opportunity for so long? Silly me.

Looking to correct this horrendous (joking) wrong, I have been scouring the interwebs for the perfect coasters to make.

Here a some of my frontrunners:

coasters monstermonsterblog

  1.  cement coasters with gold accents | a daily something
  2. color theory coasters | for the makers
  3. geometric leather coasters | design*sponge
  4. marbled tile coasters | design*sponge
  5. ombre leather coasters | almost makes perfect
  6. it’s recession time cork coasters | my dubio

Have you ever made coasters for your home? What’s your favourite material to use? Did they hold-up over time? I’d love to know!

– KM

learning to make a linocut print | DIY art

This past weekend I dug into my art supplies and rediscovered a linocut printing set that I had purchased. Feeling adventurous, I dug in (pun intended?) and crafted the block below:

first linocut monstermonster

The steps were simply as follows:

  1. Choose your design
  2. Draw it in reverse on the block
  3. Remove access material using the cutting tool (cutting yourself minimally, ouch!)
  4. Ink and press
the start of the cutting process

the start of the cutting process

freshly inked from printing

freshly inked from printing

the print

the print

For those that have tried linocut printmaking, show me your stuff! I’d love to see it!

– KM

saturday snapshots



today’s snapshot is a soft and glow-y polyerclay pinch pot that I made this week. oooo, pretty.

Have a great day!