our ikea home | favourites from the flat packed giant

not all IKEA is awful. in fact, some of it is quite lovely.

I am a mega fan of the flat packed giant and have collected quite a few pieces from them over the years. we have bookcases, shelves and even our mattress are all thanks to IKEA. here are three of my current favs and how we’re using them at home:


ribba picture ledge

we have 7 of these little guys throughout our living space, 2 by the entry way for our keys and pocket bricka-brack. and 5 more flipped upside-down for display. they are ideal for holding small plants, votives and, of course, picture frames.


at a whopping 200 cm wide (each) our 2 Vittsjo book cases take up the whole wall in our dining area. these mammoth shelves are packed full of our books, art supplies and decoratives. their open metal and glass design helps them from feeling too imposing though, and lets the wall colour behind peak through.


ryssby bench

storage + bench? i was sold! possibly one of my most impulsive IKEA furniture purchases, I found out this pine bench was on sale while shopping around and ran to get a cart to put it in. (heaven forbid someone buy the dozen that were in stock while I finished looking around). we use it to store cozy blankets for the winter, and as extra seating for dinner guests.

Interested in learning more about our IKEA adventures? Let me know!

– KM

Playing with paint

I love paint! All sorts! I love the pops of color, and the textures you can create with these magical tubes and pots of goodness.

Unfortunately I’ve never had the opportunity to take a painting class so my skills are limited. But that doesn’t seem to stop me from trying.

Over the weekend I hit up Pinterest for inspiration and got to work. The task was simple.

  1. Paint a canvas in an interesting pattern with colours I liked
  2. After drying, cover the canvas with masking tape with the intention of painting over the whole canvas
  3. Paint the whole canvas a solid color, then remove the tape to reveal!

And ta-da! Here they are.

DIY Canvas

While they won’t be hanging in the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) any time soon, I’m still pleased.

A note for next time … I recommend really good masking tape. Frog Tape seems like one of the best, so I will likely try that.