air roots | at home snapshot

I am in love with the worn out texture of these roots! the Phal orchids I have are so funny with their old-man roots and glossy fresh leaves.

air roots | monstermonster

– KM

saturday snapshot

a quick orchid picture that makes me long for warmer weather. this orchid is an incredible deep rose colour that I’m smitten with! it didn’t bloom last year, so I had completely forgotten what colour it was.


on an orchid related note – has anyone ever visited Cloud Orchid’s near St. Catherine’s Ontario? It’s a commerical greenhouse that is open to the public a limited number of Saturdays a year. I’m planning a visit this Spring and am curious what it’s like.

Thanks for popping in!

New Year, New Start

New Bloom

The first bloom of the new year.

I love this time of year!

Everyone has shed the stress of the previous year and is wonderfully optimistic about the months to come.

Ready, set, go!