personal thought | on offending people

This past weekend I visited Guelph’s Print Expo that is a part of Kazoo Fest. There I picked up a few little prints including this gem from Stubbs Letterpress.


I think this phrase tickled me because it can be taken in a number of different ways. The first I thought of is, “I will probably offend you, so get used to it. I have opinions that I will express and you should accept that.” Now that’s not typically how I feel and act, but it is a likely meaning.

My second idea suits me better, “I will probably offend you at some point”, meaning “somewhere along the line I will step on my own tongue and speak out of turn. It may offend you, I apologize.

This second thought is less likely the print-maker’s original idea, but it has me thinking.

As I have expressed before I can be an anxious person and this is mostly felt in social situations. I am terribly afraid that I may say something that could offend someone and so can seem quiet in conversation. After I warm up I will share my opinions and ideas but it takes a little while. Interestingly if I state an opinion and then realize that it wasn’t fully formed and that opinion has changed I feel awful. It’s a strange gut wrenching moment when I discover that a belief I carried and shared no longer applies.

I think this is something that happens as we shift and adapt as people, but it is spooky. And a little embarrassing to be caught with a half-formed opinion based on lazy research.

Anywhoo, thank you for reading my rambles and I promise we’ll be back to our regular programming later in the week * ;)