Effectively a doodle but with a camera. This is me, farting around with new plants because you can never have too many? #plantladyforever

— KM

Yellow Sea

Forsythia from High Park, just bask in it’s glorious colour.


I promise, I will edit. I have so many photos, and no edits – yet!

— KM

moss and tiny trees | algonquin provincial park snapshot

the last few photos from my Algonquin trip. please enjoy! 

fuzzy monstermonster



youngest trees monstermonsterblog– KM


growing a little lemon tree

little lemon trees

today I’d like to share my latest plant achievement – a little Meyer Lemon tree. it’s only a tiny seedling so far, but over time I hope it flourishes into an indoor fruit tree.

if you’re interested in sprouting your own lemon tree, I recommend the guide I used from It’s wonderful!

little lemon trees

saturday snapshot

Adenium obesumThe desert rose (Adenium obesum in this case) is a flowering plant that is commonly grown as a bonsai.

So far my desert rose hasn’t flowered, but its swollen stem gives it a strong shape and I think it time it will make a stunning house plant.

Thanks for stopping in! If you have any questions about caring for desert rose plants, please ask away!

saturday snapshot

a quick orchid picture that makes me long for warmer weather. this orchid is an incredible deep rose colour that I’m smitten with! it didn’t bloom last year, so I had completely forgotten what colour it was.


on an orchid related note – has anyone ever visited Cloud Orchid’s near St. Catherine’s Ontario? It’s a commerical greenhouse that is open to the public a limited number of Saturdays a year. I’m planning a visit this Spring and am curious what it’s like.

Thanks for popping in!