braided texture | at home snapshot

About 4 months ago I moved, and one of the first projects was a new light fixture with a braided cord.

braided cords | monstermonster– KM


looking at textures II | at home snapshots

on Wednesday I posted about my love of macro photography and how it can capture the details we might otherwise miss. well, I enjoyed the textures I saw in my surroundings so much I snapped up a few more. I hope you enjoy!

texture study - woven monstermonsterblog texture study - prickles monstermonsterblog texture study - tea monstermonster

do any of you love macro too? do you use a macro lens, or just play with a kit lens like me? I’d love to know!

– KM

snapshots | looking at textures I

my favourite type of photographs to take are the ones which are really close up. those that capture the little details that we might not regularly see. these three snapshots capture some of the wonderful textures in my very average apartment.

texture study - lace monstermonsterblogfaded bossom monstermonsterblog texture study - yarn monstermonsterblog

do you have any textures you love to capture in photographs? what is your favourite macro photography subject?

– KM