Allan Gardens

I love a good green house. There is something so special about them, especially in winter — cozy, humid, lush. I visited Allan Gardens here in Toronto recently, here are a few of my fave snaps.

— KM

Toronto Light Festival By-Laws and Ordinances #3

No slipping. No sliding.
No jazzhands. No smoking.
No joking. No midnight toking.
No blaming others.
No cynics. No keeping your feelings secret.
(But don’t just blurt them out either0
No picking our nose.
No garlic tonight if you are on a first date.
No looking at your phone.
No negativity. No pessimism.
No waiting for the future.
No overreacting.
No worrying.
(Unless you are reading this sign outside the pearly gates)
No grudges.
No hanging out with unhappy people.
No reading any further.
Hey, no reading any further!
No clinging. No complacency.
No hating. No looking at the time.
No secrets. No jealousy.
Have fun. Hold hands. Keep warm.

— KM


Toronto Light Fest

Hey blog, how are you? Not bad, not bad — you? Fan-fucking-tastic, thank you for asking. 10 days ago I ventured out to the beloved Distillery District in the snow. I loved every minute of it.


— KM

glitter bomb | Nuit Blanche Toronto snapshot

What’s better than glitter? Not much when it comes to putting a smile on my face! (from Nuit Blanche) Happy First Year on WordPress!

glitter bomb monstermonster

– KM

running wild in the big city | Nuit Blanche Toronto snapshots

This month, for one night (and one night only) Toronto was lit up with theĀ exhibitions of Nuit Blanche. This all-night art-fest is something we decided at the last minute to visit, and we’re glad that we did.

While it was tricky to grab photos amongst the huge crowds, I did take a few pictures I would like to share.

globes nuit blanche monstermonster

street art nuit blanche monstermonster

glitter skull nuit blanche monstermonster

– KM