a tiny transplant for transport

a tiny transplant for transport

I adore plants and love trying my hand at propagating them from time to time. when I have a good crop, I transplant them and give them to people for their homes. tiny plants make me happy!

New Year, New Start

New Bloom

The first bloom of the new year.

I love this time of year!

Everyone has shed the stress of the previous year and is wonderfully optimistic about the months to come.

Ready, set, go!

Big Black Car in Watery Colors

Big Black Car

Another sharpie and watercolors combination featuring the incredible lyrics of Big Black Car from Gregory Alan Isakov. Simply wonderful song. I highly recommend you give it listen.

Playing with clay

Playing with clay

While I do enjoy making monsters with polymer clay, I’ve also tried my hand at beads! Inspired by dismountcreative.com, these are pretty simple to make, and add some much needed whimsy to my typical business attire.

Life is …

Life is ..

This is the other side of the plywood post from yesterday. It was inspired by a bench photo I saw with the same inscription.

It might be a little bit rude and pessimistic, but I love it’s cheekiness and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you.

mind open. be present.

mind open. be present.

This hunk of plywood is one of my pride and joys. It is typically displayed on my desk and was simple to make. (Plywood, Martha Stewart Multi Surface paints, sticker letters.)

Bright Eyes done in Watery Colours

Watery Colors

A sharpie and water colour duo I whipped up yesterday. The lyrics I wrote out are from one of my most loved Bright Eyes songs, First Day of my Life.

supermonster da da da!

IMG_3287 - Copy IMG_3291 - Copy

Doesn’t he just look majestic? A couple of goofy monster shots from this past week. Please enjoy!

A little pop of colour for a chilly Friday.

A little pop of colour for a chilly Friday.

Meet dino. He’s a little different from my usual monsters and is pretty wobbly. BUT! He is made from the best and brightest clay I have every purchased and is like a little explosion of colour. He makes me happy.

This is not vandalism.

This is not vandalism.

I live in a quirky city that loves its artists and their art. That includes graffiti. I personally love most of it, but I doubt I’m in the majority.

Text reads, “This is not vandalism, this is art. In a way.”



HI everyone, I thought it was only fitting that I make my first post of a monster. This little guy is made from polymer clay and survived a trip to Ireland and back with me.

Here he is in Belfast.