Summer Gardens

I’m in love with summer.

Taking in as many sights as I can.

Enjoy a few blooms from my mum’s garden earlier in May. Classic subject, classic location.

— KM


Effectively a doodle but with a camera. This is me, farting around with new plants because you can never have too many? #plantladyforever

— KM

More Blossoms

Did you really think I was only going to post once? Sillies.

More of the glorious blooms captured before they faded.


— KM

Cherry Blossoms

A Toronto tradition, where people from all over the city make the pilgrimage to High Park to see the glorious cherry trees in their Spring bloom.

I haven’t attended in a couple of years, but time — as with everything now — I participated. I sauntered into the park, snapping away. I lay down on the grass and enjoyed the warm weather and the people and most of all the trees.

— KM

Yellow Sea

Forsythia from High Park, just bask in it’s glorious colour.


I promise, I will edit. I have so many photos, and no edits – yet!

— KM

Allan Gardens #2

Where is the time going? How is it Spring?

How is it April?!

Soon I will be be outside, with cherry blossoms and magnolias. But for now I will bask in the glory that is Allan Gardens. allangardens5


— KM

Allan Gardens

I love a good green house. There is something so special about them, especially in winter — cozy, humid, lush. I visited Allan Gardens here in Toronto recently, here are a few of my fave snaps.

— KM

Toronto Light Festival By-Laws and Ordinances #3

No slipping. No sliding.
No jazzhands. No smoking.
No joking. No midnight toking.
No blaming others.
No cynics. No keeping your feelings secret.
(But don’t just blurt them out either0
No picking our nose.
No garlic tonight if you are on a first date.
No looking at your phone.
No negativity. No pessimism.
No waiting for the future.
No overreacting.
No worrying.
(Unless you are reading this sign outside the pearly gates)
No grudges.
No hanging out with unhappy people.
No reading any further.
Hey, no reading any further!
No clinging. No complacency.
No hating. No looking at the time.
No secrets. No jealousy.
Have fun. Hold hands. Keep warm.

— KM


Toronto Light Festival By-Laws and Ordinances #2


No postings. No posters.
No signs.
(Including this one)
No shouting. No cussing.
No nepotism. No jerks.
No sugar. No calories. No gluten.
No grudges. No lying.
(Except about your age or the reason you didn’t text back this morning)
No stink eye. No art critics.
No pretentious gazing.
No over analyzing the sculptures.
No dump pick up lines. No ghosts.
No trick-or-treating.
No foam or bubble parties.
No drugs. No puking.
No strutting. No loud music.
(Unless it is ours)
No saying “no” unless it is necessary.
No cannibalism. No headhunting.
No fox hunting. Actually no hunting anything at all.

— KM


Toronto Light Festival By-Laws and Ordinances #1


No swimming. No complaining.
No shivering. No bikinis.
(This will not be strictly enforced)
No foul language.
No eating discoloured snow.
No taking second-rate photos.
No horseplay.
No gossiping.
(Or exchanging keys)
No shoving. No pushing.
No smoking.
No pets that bite.
No littering
No big PDAs. No acronyms.
No Christmas carols.
No diving.
No peeing. No glass.
No peeing into a glass
No panicking.
No name-calling.
No runny noses.
No being bored or cold.
No touching the sculptures.
Have fun. Hold hands. Keep warm.

— KM

Toronto Light Fest

Hey blog, how are you? Not bad, not bad — you? Fan-fucking-tastic, thank you for asking. 10 days ago I ventured out to the beloved Distillery District in the snow. I loved every minute of it.


— KM

I like this one


I’m not sure if this is my best work, or even the best edit of this purple cone flower. But I like it, so here it is.

— KM


I don’t have a lot of hobbies, I never have. But one thing I love is camping. I love the swimming, the silly energy, the quiet moments at night, the greenery.

Last summer I visited Presqu’ile Provincial Park where I whiled away the time hanging with the plants.


— KM

Paris plant life

Again from Oct 2016. I can be anywhere in the world, I will still fawn over gardens.


— KM

Algonquin Provincial Park


From a 2016 trip to Algonquin Provincial Park. Fantastic trip, great people, superb mushrooms.

— KM

Chichicastenango Market, Guatemala

Chichicastenango 2 Feb 2017

Chichicastenango 3 Feb 2017.


Chichicastenango Market, Guatemala Feb 2017. I had the honour of traveling with my great uncle and sister for 15 days. Our time at this market was all too short.

— KM



All photography by me.


All photography presented in this gallery is my own work. You are welcome to share a photo from this gallery or other posts, however, please give credit and link back to monstermonster. Thank you!


Campeche, Mexico





Campeche, Mexico, Feb 2017. I had the honour of traveling with my great uncle and sister for 15 days. Campeche is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of many we had the pleasure to see.

— KM

carnival lights @ the CNE | city snapshots

in our annual tradition of going to the CNE, I spent a little time practicing with longer exposure times of all the pretty lights.

swirls at CNEat CNEzipper at CNE

— KM