carnival lights @ the CNE | city snapshots

in our annual tradition of going to the CNE, I spent a little time practicing with longer exposure times of all the pretty lights.

swirls at CNEat CNEzipper at CNE

— KM

littlest squish squash | at home snapshot

Squish squash! Or is it a pear? Either way it’s cute and made for me by my lovely sister!

chrochet monstermonsterblog squash monstermonsterblog crocheted squash monstermonsterblog

– KM

puppy cuteness | at home snapshot

November is here and snow is in the air!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been busy helping pet-sit (more like pet-snuggle!) the very cute Sasha. Still very much a puppy, she has been excellent practice for photographing a moving target.

puppy cuteness monsteronster blog sasha on monstermonsterblog


– KM

glitter bomb | Nuit Blanche Toronto snapshot

What’s better than glitter? Not much when it comes to putting a smile on my face! (from Nuit Blanche) Happy First Year on WordPress!

glitter bomb monstermonster

– KM

running wild in the big city | Nuit Blanche Toronto snapshots

This month, for one night (and one night only) Toronto was lit up with the exhibitions of Nuit Blanche. This all-night art-fest is something we decided at the last minute to visit, and we’re glad that we did.

While it was tricky to grab photos amongst the huge crowds, I did take a few pictures I would like to share.

globes nuit blanche monstermonster

street art nuit blanche monstermonster

glitter skull nuit blanche monstermonster

– KM


mini eggs, from a quail | at home snapshot

A couple of weeks ago, my brilliant sister brought quail eggs over that she had picked up from an Asian grocer.

quail egg on monstermonsterblog

This tiny eggs have an incredible speckled pattern, and some even have a blueish tinge inside the shell. Lovely!mini egg on monstermonsterblog

– KM

just a hint of colour | at home snapshot

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have resumed learning to paint with watercolours. One of the things I love most, is the beautiful translucent tint of the water as your rinse your brushes. Too pretty!

hint of tint on monstermonster


– KM

watercolors | at home snapshot

This month I picked up my watercolors again, and I have been trying my hand in a formal class. It’s difficult but I am getting the hang of it and love working with this medium.

watercolors pallette on monstermonsterblog

– KM

little succulent | at home snapshot

my, how the weeks fly!

please enjoy this little succulent I snapped on my boyfriend’s windowsill. basking in one of the last warm days this year, I’m sure. *sigh*

succulent on monstermonsterblog

– KM

inside the Osage Orange | at home snapshot

Remember the Osage Orange I found last weekend? Well, I decided before composting it, I had to know what it looked like on the inside.

Check it out!

osage orange monstermonsterblog

osage orange monstermonster

– KM


Maclura pomifera | at home snapshot

This past weekend I wandered through Guelph’s Arboretum and found the strangest fruit.

Maclura pomifera 2

After some digging online, I found out this comes from a Maclura pomifera tree and is commonly knows as the Osage orange or hedge apple among other things.

Gosh, isn’t nature nifty?

Maclura pomifera 3 Maclura pomifera

– KM

new air plants | at home snapshot

A trio of air plants for me!

air plant hammered bowl monstermonster

air plant monstermonster

These air plants, or formally Epiphytes, are ones I’ve had my eye on for some time. Cross your fingers that they thrive for me as well as my orchids.

air plants monstermonster


more long exposures from the midway | CNE snapsnots

A few more of the long exposures from the CNE midway to go with the snapshots I posted earlier this week.

I hope you enjoy!

long exposure exp4 monstermonsterlong exposure exp2 monstermonster long exposure exp1 monstermonsterlong exposure exp3 monstermonster

– KM

long exposure on the midway | CNE snapsnot

To round out a lovely summer, I spent last Saturday at the CNE in Toronto. The CNE holds a certain magical quality for me because it is where my boyfriend and I had our first unofficial date. (I’m a little sentimental about these things.)

While we were there, I put most of my photo energy into capturing the midway rides after dark. Any type of night photography is new for me, and I had a lot of fun learning and playing with the exposures.

Please enjoy a few of my favourite snapshots.

CNE lights monstermonsterblogCNE rides monstermonsterblogCNE light circle monstermonsterblog

– KM

moss and tiny trees | algonquin provincial park snapshot

the last few photos from my Algonquin trip. please enjoy! 

fuzzy monstermonster



youngest trees monstermonsterblog– KM


rugged landscape | algonquin provincial park snapshot

as mentioned in yesterday’s post, I spent last weekend in Algonquin. Here is another photo from the adventure. 

rugged landscapes monstermonster

 – KM

mushroom | algonquin provincial park snapshot

Last weekend I paddled my way into Algonquin park for an exceptional adventure. While the trip was soggier than we would have preferred, I still managed to grab a few pictures along the way. 

Please enjoy this snapshot from the trip.

algonquin mushroom monstermonsterblog– KM


foliage | long point provincial park snapshot

Continuing with the series of Long Point snapshots, please enjoy!

foliage monstermonster

If you have any questions about Long Point Provincial Park, please ask away. It’s an incredible park that I look forward to visiting every year.

– KM

soft & warm | long point provincial park snapshot

As mentioned in the previous post, I spent last weekend in Long Point Provincial Park. While we were there, my sister was crocheting the softest, prettiest hat and I couldn’t resist!

soft monstermonsterblog

– KM

wild flowers | long point provincial park snapshot

Last weekend I celebrated the Holiday Long-weekend at Long Point Provincial Park. Surrounded by family and our oldest friends, it was a wonderful break from the norm.

Please enjoy this snapshot from the trip.

wild flowers monstermonsterblog

– KM

stainless steel desk fan for those hot summer days | at home snapshot

alright, this is a summer purchase that’s just too good not to share. … ta-da!

stainless steel fan monstermonsterisn’t she a beaut?

this little desk fan was an impulse buy from Home Sense that I’m extremely pleased with. The fan is made by J. Hunt & Company and cost less than $40 at Home Sense.

summer fan monstermonster

ah, stayin’ cool in style feels good.

– KM



looking at textures II | at home snapshots

on Wednesday I posted about my love of macro photography and how it can capture the details we might otherwise miss. well, I enjoyed the textures I saw in my surroundings so much I snapped up a few more. I hope you enjoy!

texture study - woven monstermonsterblog texture study - prickles monstermonsterblog texture study - tea monstermonster

do any of you love macro too? do you use a macro lens, or just play with a kit lens like me? I’d love to know!

– KM

snapshots | looking at textures I

my favourite type of photographs to take are the ones which are really close up. those that capture the little details that we might not regularly see. these three snapshots capture some of the wonderful textures in my very average apartment.

texture study - lace monstermonsterblogfaded bossom monstermonsterblog texture study - yarn monstermonsterblog

do you have any textures you love to capture in photographs? what is your favourite macro photography subject?

– KM

snapshots | well, Colour Me Rad

color me rad 5K monstermonsterblog

amazing! just incredible! I was smiling like a fool the whole time!

yesterday morning I hung out and snapped pictures at the Colour Me Rad run in Kitchener, ON. It was an awesome event and I can’t wait until the next one so I can participate.

color me rad monstermonsterblogcolor me rad monstermonster colormerad monstermonsterblog

– KM


snapshot | and to all a good night

This has been a whirlwind of a week! I’ve shared in a very special graduation and spent some time with family I don’t get to see very often.

I hope everyone’s week has been as excellent as mine. Goodnight!

candle flicker monstermonster