comfort food cravings | recipe collection

well, it got me. the rare flu bug that strikes in the middle of summer when the weather is beautiful and warm. I want to eat all of these beautiful carb-filled treats and hopefully I will be able to soon!

comforting carbs

  1. spanakopita strudels | alexandra cooks
  2. simple poached egg and avocado toast | pinch of yum
  3. one-eyed sandwich | food52
  4. white pizza grilled cheese | how sweet it is
  5. oven baked mozzarella sticks | creme de la crumb

– KM

looking at textures II | at home snapshots

on Wednesday I posted about my love of macro photography and how it can capture the details we might otherwise miss. well, I enjoyed the textures I saw in my surroundings so much I snapped up a few more. I hope you enjoy!

texture study - woven monstermonsterblog texture study - prickles monstermonsterblog texture study - tea monstermonster

do any of you love macro too? do you use a macro lens, or just play with a kit lens like me? I’d love to know!

– KM

cocktails | using fresh rosemary

I mentioned earlier this week that I love having fresh herbs around for cocktails and had picked up a pair of plants for my apartment.

Herb #1 was Peppermint and Herb #2 (drumroll please…) is Rosemary!

fresh rosemary on monstermonster blog

Perfect to pair with gin and citrus, rosemary is also excellent for making infused vodka or a syrup. Check out some of the possibilities I’ve rounded up:

cocktails with rosemary on monstermonster blog

  1.  cucumber-rosemary gin and tonic | the kitchn
  2. citrus rosemary vodka spritzer | my baking addiction
  3. sunday sparkler with rosemary, vodka and prosecco | pure imajennation
  4. herbed blackberry cocktail | better homes and gardens
  5. simple rosemary sugar syrup | petal & pie
  6. cranberry tangerine rosemary and cream soda mocktail | spoon fork bacon

Since this is my first time trying rosemary in cocktails, I’m pretty excited! Do you have a favourite cocktail (or mocktail) that includes rosemary? Let me know! I’d love to try it.

– KM


cocktails | using fresh mint

I love to have fresh herbs on hand for cocktails and this year I finally planted a pair of my own! this way whenever the mood strikes for mixed drinks I’ll be ready.

Herb #1: Peppermint

fresh peppermint on monstermonsterblog

Perfect for mojitos, I also see this mint being used for garnishes or even in ice cubes. Check out some possibilities I’ve rounded up:

fresh mint on monstermonsterblog

  1.  blueberry mojito | the novice chef
  2. strawberry mojitos | confessions of a bright eyed baker
  3. matcha mint juleps | the bojon gourmet
  4. chill out mijitos | health dish
  5. grapefruit ginger spritzer | pickles & honey
  6. mint infused ice cubes | 17 apart

Do you have a favourite use for fresh mint? Cocktails or not, drop me a line because I’d love to hear about it!

– KM






summer fun | 6 frozen treat recipes to try

with the first official day of summer just around the corner and the temperatures starting to soar, it’s time to breakout the popsicles! or, yoghurt pops and banana “ice cream” in this case!

here are 6 of the finest (in my humble opinion) frozen options out there for you to try and enjoy.

6 frozen treat recipes


  1. Creamy Coconut and Blood Orange Popsicles | fork knife swoon
  2. Summer Berry Smoothie Cups | whatever’s left
  3. One Ingredient Banana “Ice Cream” | the kitchn
  4. Healthy Strawberry Frozen Yogurt | just a taste
  5. Breakfast Popsicles | caramel potatoes
  6. Greek Yogurt Pops with Roasted Fruit | dessert for two

stay cool out there my friends!


eating healthier | exceptional salads to try

earlier this week I rounded up a few healthier snacks I’m working to incorporate into my diet and today I’d like to share some salads.


while you may notice that they’re all very different – some with meat, some with egg, some with watermelon (YUM!). the key here is that they will all add more veggies and nutrients to my diet.

  1. chicken gyro salad with homemade pita chips, watermelon + feta | half baked harvest
  2. asian kale salad with peanut dressing | jackie cooks
  3. zesty black-eyed-pea salad | a dash of soul
  4. raw kale salad with warm bacon vinaigrette | just a taste
  5. chef’s salad with turkey, avocado, and jack cheese | martha stewart
  6. california cobb salad with tarragon vinaigrette | iowa girl eats

do you have a favourite special salad recipe you’d like to share? send it my way!

eating healthier | snacks to try

with winter gone and more fresh produce finally starting to hit the shops, I’ve decided it’s time to clean up my eating habits and make healthier choices.

the first “meal” I’m looking at overhauling are snacks. too often I end up grabbing something that’s quick calories, but doesn’t have great nutritional value. to improve my snacking habits, here are the five recipes I am working to incorporate into my life to become healthier and happier.


  1.  fresh fruit salad | this gal cooks
  2. barbecue flavoured roasted chickpeas | a life of geekery
  3. frozen yogurt covered blueberries | family fresh meals
  4. chocolate-coconut protein powder popsicles | jason boehm nutrition via men’s fitness
  5. zesty baked kale chips | a spicy perspective

what about you? do you have any healthy snacks you love? I’d love to hear your ideas and favourites, so please drop me a line.



grocery staples | 6 Delicious Recipes to Use Potatoes

soft and fluffy, warm and gooey, crispy and salty – there are so many great ways to cook potatoes!

potatoes are yummy

  1. basic potato tots | chow
  2. garlic smashed potatoes | damn delicious
  3. cheesy leftover mashed potato pancakes | just a taste
  4. cheesy black bean stuffed sweet potatoes with arugula + poached eggs | how sweet it is
  5. individual parmesan hash brown cups | the yummy life
  6. crispy cornmeal sweet potato fries | my new roots


edamame | 6 recipes to try


edamame is a yummy snack I typically like to enjoy steamed and salted. but on occasion, it’s nice to mix it up!

besides being delicious, edamame has pretty good protein and fiber content. per 1/2 cup of shelled beans, it offers 9 grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein. all on 120 calories, yum! (from webmd)

interested in this powerhouse bean? try one of these fresh recipes and enjoy.

  1. white bean edamame salad with bacon | a spicy perspective
  2. lemony pesto pasta with edamame & almonds | the kitchn
  3. edamame salad with lemon & mint | cooking channel Mark Bittman
  4. edamame & radish salad | alexandra cooks
  5. edamame hummus | oh she glows
  6. asian noodle salad jars | foxes love lemons

savoury fritters | 5 recipes to try


I always have a weird assortment of food in my fridge and often have to scrape to get a proper recipe together.

Enter the fritter! If you’re like me and often fail at grocery shopping, fritters are a great savoury way to use up leftovers and the other odds you might find yourself with.

The great thing about fritters is that they typically only need flour and possibly an egg to work, and they help clear out your fridge. Plus, they’re super tasty. What more could you want?

Here’s 5 recipes to get you started! If you have any other fritter recipes you think are fanatic, let me know. I’m always looking for something new and delicious.

  1. broccoli parmesan fritters | smitten kitchen
  2. jalapeño corn popper fritters | closet cooking
  3. crispy cauliflower-carrot fritters with smoky garlic aioli | oh my veggies
  4. roasted aubergine & feta fritters | simply delicious
  5. brussels sprouts fritters | heather christo

put an egg on it | delicious recipes to try

put an egg on itanyway you crack ’em, eggs are delicious. I find they add a heartiness to whatever I’m making and will often top off my soups or vegetable dishes with a fried one.

to add to my egg topped repertoire, here are a few other ways I can put an egg on it! 

Please enjoy and Happy Sunday!

  1. sauteed shitake & broccolo rabe | jenessa’s dinners
  2. cheesy black bean stuffed sweet potatoes with arugula + poached eggs | how sweet it is
  3. herbed deviled egg bruschetta | better homes & gardens
  4. avo + eggs breakfast pizza | justina blakeney
  5. spaghetti with bacon, pecorino, and fried egg | buzzfeed

savoury soups | delicious recipes to try


oh gosh, I do love warm soup and a toasted sandwich on a cold day!  here are a few soups I’m interested in making, please let me know if you test any of them out.

Happy Sunday!

  1. roasted asparagus & gruyere soup | Sweet Paul
  2. curried cauliflower soup | cookie + kate
  3. acorn squash & sweet potato soup | tartelette
  4. broccoli apple soup | food 52
  5. stuffed pepper soup |

sweet treats | delicious recipes to try

sweet treats

a little collection of desserts and sweets I’d like to try. please let me know if you test any of them out, I’d love know  how it goes.

Happy Sunday!

  1. gummy bear cookies | a beautiful mess
  2. meyer lemon macadamia nut tart | love & olive oil
  3. banana ice cream | the kitchn
  4. pistachio & cranberry white chocolate bark | brown eyed baker
  5. salted dark chocolate almond butter | ambitious kitchen

Yet another reason to cuddle

Cuddling is fantastic (duh! of course it is!) but is also can encourage the release of oxytocin which can reduce the stress response and it’s harmful effects.

Check out this fantastic ASAP Science Youtube video that talks about stress, plus this super cozy Etsy treasury I created to celebrate cuddling and all it’s wonderfulness.

Cuddling is always a good idea